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Completely Seriously

Aug 28, 2018

We watched two of the best episodes of Netflix’s Dark Tourist. David Farrier’s new travel show is Dark Reservations, but with murder, death and racists on the menu.

Aug 21, 2018

We’ve all heard of Ted Bundy. But Ann Rule actually knew Ted Bundy. Welcome to our first Completely Seriously book club. Dive with us into Rule’s iconic Stranger Beside Me.

Aug 14, 2018

This week we, surprise, interrupt and scream at each other about Netflix’s latest original movie “Extinction.” You’ll laugh with us, cry with us and scream at whomever made us watch this movie with us. Come for Michael Peña, stay because Joseph won’t let us leave.

Aug 7, 2018

We four priests of the church of Paddington breakdown both our holy texts Paddington and Paddington 2. We laugh, make Marisa cry and really delve into what it means to be human.