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Completely Seriously

Jan 28, 2020

This week, Joey goes all in against preacher’s  kids, Marisa sexualises ANOTHER mage, Mark tells a harrowing Christian bullying story, and José schools us on Ancient Roman Military practices. That’s right folks, we’re covering the final two episodes of season one of The Witcher.

Jan 21, 2020

We’re talking THICC, Campbell’s Chunky socks, discussing Witchers notoriously short but effective resumes, Seagal-ing ruffian necks and we’re chatting about episodes five and six of the Witcher. We’ve got all the Frigglebert from Gobnob and Moosleploof of Xzezellpleck content your heart desires.

Jan 14, 2020

Lots to unpack in these two episodes of The Witcher. We’ve got timelines whipping around, surprising laws, Bad Boysing steak knives at fancy dinner murder fights, assassin bugs and their lazy knife mages, and confounding mispronunciations of basic words.

Jan 7, 2020

Grab your two swords, grab a few marks, kill a couple Polish folk monsters and join us as we cover the Netflix original The Witcher.